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Canine Respiratory Tract Infection

Recent stories going around in the news refer to a novel canine respiratory tract infection that is widespread and dangerous. However, nothing unique has been isolated at this time, and we do not believe there is cause for dog owners to panic.

Some of the infections are bacterial, and some are viral; as in the case of human colds, few receive enhanced diagnostics to determine the etiologic agent. Dogs that go to doggy daycare, grooming or boarding facilities, dog parks, etc., are at increased risk for contracting respiratory tract infections at any point in time. The best prevention is to avoid these "hot spots" where your dogs would be at increased risk of contracting a contagious disease. There are vaccines available for the more common respiratory infections: Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Canine Influenza. If your dog is not currently vaccinated for either of these diseases and you would like to start the series, please contact us at 410-268-6994 and make an appointment.

Should your pet begin to exhibit signs consistent with a respiratory tract infection (coughing, hacking, sneezing, nasal or ocular discharge, "vomiting" white foam, etc.), please contact us to schedule an appointment for your dog to be seen. Please do NOT bring your pet into the hospital unless directed to do so by a member of our staff as we are trying to reduce the opportunity for spread. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

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